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Here you can learn how you can fuel V0LT through donations!

Most of the content I create, including software, songs, and tutorials, is very limited by the lack of funds. I do the best I can with what I have, but its almost impossible to overcome the monetary barrier. In addition to software, music, and other content creation, I also have other things I need to do. Receiving income for the content I produce would allow me to put a lot more time into it, therefore increasing its quality and rate of development. If you would like to help V0LT with this problem, and get some perks for it, then you might want to consider backing!

If you want to send a donation in the form of cryptocurrency, then check out V0LT's Flote page. From there, you can pledge to donate any amount above $1 monthly.

If you're willing to support V0LT, and want a quick and easy way to send a donation, check out the V0LT Patreon page!